5 Ways to Use CBD Balm for Strain and Pain

If you suffer from bodily pain or any form of muscle strain, topical CBD is one of the most effective forms of natural pain relief that targets the discomfort directly at the source.

Whereas inhaling or consuming CBD in the form of edibles is a wonderful means to provide the entire body with a wide range of healing benefits from this special compound, topical applications like simple hemp sticks can pinpoint specific areas of strain and pain by greatly reducing inflammation through skin absorption.

To get the best out of your CBD balm or hemp stick, we're going to get into 5 of the best ways to use topical CBD applications so that your skin, joints, and muscles can feel incredible.

1. Place the CBD Directly on the Source

When you consume CBD through smoking or through eating, this allows CBD to enter the bloodstream and to target systemic issues throughout the entire body. Topical CBD applications, however, are meant for much more specific applications.

It might seem self-explanatory, but CBD topicals are location-specific, and if overlooked your CBD won't work to its full potential. So to get the best out of CBD balm or a hemp stick you should always place it directly on the area of your body in which there is pain or soreness for it to enter and heal the main sources of inflammation.

If your shoulders ache, then try and find that pinched nerve and rub CBD balm directly onto it. If your head hurts, place the CBD on your temples instead!

2. CBD Massage

When using CBD topicals, one of the most beneficial means for your body of which to receive it is in conjunction with a light massage to the affected area. Not only will massaging the CBD into the skin for an extended period help to ensure absorption and effectiveness deep into the skin and tissues to further reach the muscles and joints, but the massage itself will also work to relax the pain source and reduce information.

The best types of CBD for this application are of course massage oils, lotions, or salves.

If possible and you can reach the area yourself, perform small rubbing motions with a pressure that is comfortable to your pain tolerance. A partner or a helping hand might be required for the hard-to-reach places.

Take the time to promote this bodily relaxation and the CBD topical will work to an even more effective extent.

3. Always use Topical CBD on Clean Skin

Did you know that the cleanliness of your skin directly affects the quality of CBD absorption in your skin?

That's right, dirty skin quite literally inhibits CBD from working to its full potential, and clean skin makes for a much better experience in providing to your body the pain relief we love and seek from CBD. Clean pores allow the CBD to easily absorb deep into the affected area, whereas dirty pores and bacteria-ridden skin will work to prevent this.

Every time you plan to use a CBD topical, always make sure that your hands are clean and that the area in which you are placing the topical is also clean. A simple hand wash and a wipe will do the trick, as you don't have to shower every single time, but just know that clean skin makes for better CBD!

4. Use the Topical that Works for You, and Use a Lot of it!

There are multiple forms of topical CBD available. For the best experience using it, you should of course use what feels best to you while taking advantage of the other possible benefits.

Those that suffer from soreness and dry skin, for example, might find that a CBD lotion is their best friend. Those who do not have a lot of time throughout the day for multiple applications might find that an extended-release patch works better for them. Maybe you are always on the go and a CBD hemp stick is the easiest option for transportation.

When you can determine the type of topical that works best at both treating your ailment and also for your lifestyle, the next best thing is to use plenty of it! You don't want to go overboard of course, but sometimes it takes a generous amount of topical to really get the positive effects going, and not using enough won't do you much good.

Between using enough of it during single applications and by religiously applying small amounts throughout the day, you will best be able to determine the type of topical and amount of topical that works for you.

5. Consistency and with Low Expectations

A key to receiving the optimal benefits of CBD through topicals is to use them consistently. Oftentimes a CBD topical peaks in effectiveness after 90 minutes of application, and to maintain the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects for prolonged periods, you very well may have to apply the topical consistently throughout the day.

Another way in which you must use your CBD topical is with low expectations. Don't get me wrong, CBD is incredibly and insanely powerful, but that doesn't mean it is going to instantly get rid of all of your pain in an instant or heal long-term ailments like arthritis on the spot. And you can't expect it to.

Do not view your CBD as a treatment for an ailment, and instead view it more so as a simple and subtle means to provide your body natural relief from your symptoms that are effective and safe.

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