2021 – The Year To Overhaul Your Mental Health

With 2020 seeing the emergence of a global pandemic, our mental health has understandably suffered. We have gone from being acutely social animals to isolated creatures through no choice of our own. This has made feelings of anxiety and stress creep to the surface. At the dawn of a new year, you are probably keen to make resolutions that you can keep. Rather than going down the whole weight loss route, why not focus on your mental health instead and give it an overhaul in 2021?

There's no better way to reinvigorate the senses than by embarking on a new exercise regime. This doesn't mean that you have to fork out for a costly gym membership. Instead, enjoy some bike rides, take some long walks to the park and get outside. Being outdoors can help us absorb Vitamin D, enjoy the regulation of our circadian rhythm, and reap the benefits of the release of endorphins into your bloodstream. This hormone negates the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Exercising doesn't have to be too strenuous. This is important if you have long term niggles or aches and pains. Yoga is the ideal exercise for those individuals who want to strengthen their core and increase their flexibility. Moving your body into a range of postures will help you to feel more positive and refreshed. You can couple your yoga with a set of breathing exercises to live a more mindful existence retaining your thoughts to be more in the present rather than fretting about what might not even happen in the future.

To feel good about yourself and ease your stress, eating the right food helps. Revolutionize your diet with an emphasis on nutrition rather than weight loss. Swap the sugary or fatty fried foods for leaner meats, fresh fruit and vegetables and less refined carbohydrates. To ease your anxieties and improve your mental well being you might want to try cbd gummies or other natural supplements. When you begin to cook your own meals, you will be motivated to continue learning new dishes and you will feel better. As an added bonus, you will save money on eating out and takeaways.

Stay Social
Although you are sad that you cannot give your mom a hug and you can't go out for a meal with friends, you can keep in touch. The twenty first century has seen the world become more connected than ever before. This means that you can have a Zoom call with your parents and you can partake in a Skype quiz with your pals. Ensure that you organize regular weekly catch ups to give you something to look forward to. While we have to be physically distant we don't have to be socially isolated. Text friends, call your aunty and be a shoulder to cry on for those pals that may be struggling with the current global crisis.

Follow this guide and you can use your new year's resolutions to overhaul and improve your mental well being.

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