10 Signs You Could Be at Risk of Diabetes

Would you believe that almost 1 in 10 folks in the US are living with diabetes? Yup, that's true! Every year, another whopping 1.5 million Americans join this not-so-exclusive club.

Getting the short end of the stick with high blood sugar can land you in some serious hot water. We're talking about grim stuff like heart failure and strokes. But don't let that give you the heebie-jeebies, because with the right meds, a bit of a diet shuffle, and some good old-fashioned exercise, you can boss this condition and lead a perfectly hunky-dory life.

So, what's this diabetes malarkey? Well, when your blood sugar or glucose levels start behaving like a kangaroo on a sugar rush, that's when diabetes steps in. If your body's not too keen on insulin (that stuff that helps keep your blood sugar level) or just can't make it (bit of a layabout, innit?), you've got yourself some diabetes trouble. Type 1 is generally for the kiddos, while type 2 can pop up anytime but loves the golden oldies.

Then there's this ‘prediabetes' stage where your blood sugar is acting a bit naughty, but not quite full-scale rebellion. That's when you can make some changes to keep things from getting more serious.

So how do you know if diabetes is knocking on your door? Well, there's a few tell-tale signs:

1. You're always on the potty
Taking those toilet breaks more often? High sugar levels can mean your kidneys are trying to show the extra sugar the exit door, causing more toilet time. So, if you have not been consuming more water than you usually would, or eating a diet that is higher in fruits and vegetables (which contain more water), and you have not made any other changes to your lifestyle that could cause you to need the bathroom, it could be a sign that diabetes is in your future and seeing a doctor who can prescribe blood sugar lowering diabetes drugs like Tirzepatide, is an excellent idea. The sooner you act, the less likely a life with diabetes is going to be.

2. Your thirst goes unquenched
If you're always parched, it could be because all that toilet time is leaving you dry. Your kidneys may be working overtime to try and overcompensate, and this is just another sign that you could be at risk of diabetes, and maybe even pre-diabetic right now. Kidneys are vital and sensitive organs, so anything that could indicate an issue with them needs to be checked out asap!

3. You're always yawning
Constantly tuckered out? High blood sugar can leave you feeling like you've run a marathon when all you've done is binge-watch the boob tube. So, if you have not exactly been burning the candle at both ends lately, it could be a symptom of diabetes you need to discuss with your doctor. Of course, there are tons of other illnesses that can cause fatigue, as well as environmental factors, so it is important not to panic!

4. You can't see like you used to
If everything's gone a bit fuzzy, it might be high blood sugar messing with your peepers. When your sugar levels are high, then this can put pressure on the delicate system that allows you to see, so things can start to get blurry. If this is happening to you right now, it's important to act fast because untreated diabetes can eventually lead to blindness, so although you should not panic, you should make seeing your doctor a priority.

5. You're like an eating machine
Always peckish? You're expelling loads of glucose, leaving your tummy grumbling. Once you are able to control your blood sugar better, you will probably find that you are not as hungry as you usually are and any excess weight you have gained will start to drop off, which, in itself, will help you to control illnesses like diabetes more effectively.

6. The weight is falling off for no reason
Losing weight without trying? Your body might be resorting to burning fat and muscle for energy. There is a common misconception that people who have, or are in danger of getting diabetes, are always overweight, but this is not always so. Sometimes, when blood sugars are uncontrolled and the body is not getting what it needs, it will start burning fat and muscle at a higher rate and you will lose weight without even trying. This might sound like a good thing, but because you are losing in an unhealthy way and your body is out of control, it is actually really, really bad. Talk to your physician!

7. You're wounded
If you've got a cut that's taking ages to heal, it might be down to poor blood circulation, another lovely gift from high blood sugar. Some people find they are easier to bruise and get cuts in the first place if they have diabetes/are prediabetic, too. If wounds are left to fester for too long, this could lead to serious infections which could put your life at risk, so always get them attended to as soon as you can.

8. You're all tingly
Tingling or numbness in your hands or feet? That's your nerves taking a hit. The longer you ignore a symptom like this, the more likely it is diabetes could take its toll and you might experience pregnant numbness in the area affected.

9. Your skin is changing
If you notice dark, velvety patches on your skin, it's possibly because of insulin resistance. It's not only unsightly, but a sign that potentially your body is in a very precarious state that needs to be corrected with the right diabetes drugs, do not ignore it!

10. You're yeasty
More yeast infections? High sugar levels in your blood and urine make a lovely home for yeast. Lowering your sugar consumption may help, but it is important you get a diabetes check too.

Spot any of these signs? Diabetes could be in your future, so you need to talk to a medical professional sooner, rather than later!

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