Dr. Mehmet Oz, A Great Presenter

I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Dr. Mehmet Oz. For those not familiar with him, Dr. Oz is a heart surgeon, book author, proponent of preventative medicine, and a repeat guest of the Oprah show.

Aside from the medical information that I was hoping to get from his presentation, I was also keeping my eyes open and ears tuned for presentation tips and tricks. This, I thought, was a great opportunity to see how someone who presents a lot, but doesn't do it for a living, gets his message across to an audience.

The one thing that stands out with Dr. Oz's presentation is that he used video as opposed to standard static PowerPoint slides. While the video was playing, Dr. Oz described what we were seeing. This was a great effect as it made an otherwise theoretical discussion more enticing to an audience with little or no medical training.

And as with Jack Hidary's presentation, Dr. Oz injected humor throughout. Aside from eliciting a chuckle, Dr. Oz's humor also relieved tension inherent in a discussion about the myriad of things that can lead to an early death.

Finally, Dr. Oz had the ultimate technique for engaging the audience. After he was done with the formal part of his presentation, he invited everyone down to a table at the front of the auditorium where he had laid out various organs and body parts. Everyone was given a pair of gloves and then invited to feel cancers and plaques. He showed healthy organs and unhealthy ones bringing home the damage that can happen to your body if you don't take care of it. And what was the first thing that I talked about with a co-worker that didn't attend the presentation? You guessed it, the various body parts.

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  1. Dr Oz is very good when he is on the Oprah Winfrey show. I think a guest like him makes the show so much better that if she didn't have such good guests she wouldn't have the viewership that watches her daily.

  2. everyone needs to read post #5 - this is not a communication vehicle with Dr. Oz. This is a blog post ABOUT Dr. Oz.

  3. Dr. Oz,
    What is your opinion about hair dye? Is it safe?

  4. Dr. Oz,
    I am watching the Oprah show with Dr. Jill Taylor and yourself as guests. I am a nurse. Have been for 29 yrs. I was so touched by the comments about health care professionals and our need to better connect with out patients. Its not a new concept and I totally agree with you when you stated that it is not a subject that we are taught in school. I do believe that there has to be a little compassion and caring in a person to want to do what we do every day and deal with what is very often a thankless job.
    On todays show you made mention, I don't remember your exact words, about how nurses and doctors get so overwhelmed with the details of our jobs that we need to step back and realize what are jobs are truely all about. I can not agree with you more! I work on an adult Psychiatric unit in a hospital in Utah. Every day we are presented with new documentation that "has to be done" by the end of our shift. Of course, we get reprimanded if we have to stay over to complete everything required on our shift because overtime is frowned on. I find that each 12 hour shift that I work, it is almost impossible to be able to spend any quality time with my patients and get all of my work done by the time I am supposed to clock out, so what do I do? I spend most of my day on the computer documenting all of the required information and preparing for my report to the oncoming shift. I find that my only interactions with my patients are an initial assessment at the beginning of the shift and when I pass meds to them. When I have one or two and sometimes three patients who are very ill and require most of my attention and the attention of my tech and other staff, the rest of the patients get pretty much ignored except for the "required" treatment. My co-workers and I are really great at prioritizing, we have to be, but our job seems to get more and more frustrating every day. When I went to nursing school I never intended to become a secretary!! I wonder what your thoughts are on this topic.
    Please let me add, that I admire you and your work so much! You wouldn't happen to be looking for a really great nurse would you?! Very sincerely, Jill Rarick

  5. Doctor Oz help me with ringing in my ear im 78 years old is it part of aging my doctor sent for an mri of the head he said my brain is good but nothing to do with the ear he said its part of some hearing loss

  6. I am currently using a computer which will not let me access the link to Dr Oz's contact information. If someone could post an e-mail address or something I would be grateful. I have a very pressing question I would like to ask him.

  7. Dear Dr. Oz,
    Recently I saw a program about an eating disorder called Orthorexia. I fear my sister has it and I would like as much information as possible so as to help her. I am very concerned and feel something needs to be done soon. Thank you for any help you can impart. Bless you for all the help you give to so many on Oprah's show. She is such a wonderful person to have you on. We need more people like both of you. Thank-you again. Bette

  8. Dear Oz,
    How are you and your family? i a single young man within 28 and 30years of age from nigeria, i was chance to watch list to you talk on Oprah Show and want to share my pains with you. i live in poor and dirty area in nigeria and often feel sick or malaria and will need you to help me with drug to that can prevent me from getting sick and makes me daily fit/healthy and and polished skin. thanks

  9. Hello Dr. Oz, love your shows and I have bought all your books.. Need to know about Panic Attacks - just have my first one the other day and the doctor wants to put me on Cymbalta 30mg. I am not the kind of person that likes to take medication - I am the kind that likes something natural and nothing to make my body feel controled by some kind of antidepressant drug.. Do you have a recommendation for me? I also have a slight (as they say) MVP disorder... Can you help with something natural I can take to help me not get another Panic Attack? Thank You and May God Bless You!!! Keep up the good work! Diane in TN

  10. Hi Dr.OZ,
    I am a big fan and love all your shows on TV and have your book.
    I just saw you on GMA today. Did I miss this in your book on waist size? I am 73 and in good health,but you got me with the waist size and hight. I am now 5'9"s (was in my youth 5'11"s) I am 186 lb waist 38"s and have prostate cancer (Low stage 2)
    will get Radiation this fall.
    Should someone going to have radiation lose weight (the middle stomach fat)or just try to stay at their weight to keep up their strength.
    Thank you for your time.
    Charles Westen
    Alton Bay NH

  11. Please ask Dr. OZ to address people like me who have Central Pain Syndrome and need answers and help. I live in constant pain, I have been bedridden since 2002. I live in WA. State and can not find a Doctor who can treat me. Please talk about this ugly disease on TV so people like me can find some help out there, there is alot of people suffering out there that are worst then me. PLEASE HELP US!

  12. I am from Turkey and I want to contact with Mr.Oz.I need his urgent helps for my father health.Can I take any e-mail address for arrange to him..

    many thanks,

  13. Wow. The stupidity of people.... I don't even know what to say to that. I guess it deserves nothing. Anyone who bothers to read, this is not Dr. Oz.....duh. As Marios Alexandrou so kindly said "I'm not Dr. Oz. I'm just a fan of his presentation skills. Sorry!"

    Do people even bother to read what they are writing about? Not to say anything about the people themselves and personal values, but everyone seems to have lost common sense these days. Too bad Darwin's principles aren't at work online. Seeing this page has just added to the absurdity of life I've been noticing the past year... Good luck.


  14. Hi Doctor Oz

    I am only 24 years and have two beatiful kids.I had two ceasereans and i feel after the op the dark circles under my eyes are getting darker, i don't know what to try on them anymore. I have tried all cosmetics but nothing works and around my lips and mouth area is also darker compare to rest of my face.Please don't you know anything that could help me.Thank you and dear Miss Oprah for a super show.My contact details are 002675301965 mdimezher@gmail.com Botswana

  15. Hi Doctor Oz,

    I have a problem that I have had my whole life, and I have recently found out that there are other suffering from what I have as well. The name of what I think I may be suffering from is called Trimethylaminuria. It is a form of body odor that is really strong, that it resembles the smell of fish or worse. I was wondering if you can tell me if you have any insight as to what I can do to finally stop smelling like this. It is depressing, and I am starting to lose hope as if there will ever be some relief for me. I am starting to have panic attacks because I dread going to work because of the teasing and comments I get from co-workers. I bathe every day and I at the end of my robe as to why I smell so bad all the time, every day. Can you help me?

  16. Do teeth cavities(holes in teeth) ever heal on their own or is there any other medical intervention ( medicine to take/apply on the hole other than filling it up or worse off extracting the tooth).If wounds do heal why not teeth?

  17. I saw the Dr. Oz, "man show" on Oprah yesterday, and he mentioned that the Goji berry is the highest source of anti-oxidant discovered to date. I thought that title went to the Acai berry. I was wondering which is correct? I distribute a juice with Acai in it, and have been saying the Acai has the most anti-oxidant content. I would stop doing this, if I knew this was untrue. Thanks.

    James McMurry

  18. P.S.My son who needs disc replacement surgery lives works in Martinez,Contra Costa Co., CA.

  19. My son, age 44, is a Registered Nurse in practice for 16 years at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. Through the years he has hurt his back from violent patients, faulty equipment, doing the heavy lifting for small female nurses, etc. Now, he needs 2 discs replaced in his neck and 2 in his lower back. Specialized tests show he is not a good candidate for a fusion (the disc above the 2 needing replacing is weakening). His neurologist surgeon recommends total disc replacement. His insurance through worker's comp says that disc replacement is experimental and they don't cover experimental procedures. My son just wants to get fixed so he can return to the work he has put his heart and soul into for all these many years. He has received many awards for outstanding nurse in many catagories. Now, he can't get the treatment he needs so he can continue to help others. WILL YOU PLEASE SUGGEST AN ORGANIZATION, GROUP, OR INDIVIDUALS who might be able to help him with the cost of this operation? We are desperate as his worker's comp group has used the delay and deny tactics for 15 months now.
    A concerned mother and grandmother,
    Sey Jones

  20. what does Dr. oz say on Diet coke products

  21. I have been watching Dr Ozzzzzzzzzz on Oprah. Unlike how I choose to spell his name (because he is amazing, I will like him to advise me on what to do to be diabetes free. I believe that I may have been mis diagnosed because each time I take a blood test I had taken large quantity of alcohol a day or two days before so that when I even fast before the test, I believe it still shows in my blood. Also I have had this phlem feeling in my throat which has just refused to go and tend to always make the clearing sound as if something was in my throat.The Doctors keep saying it will go away.It has not even 7 months later.

    As a christian I am praying about and believe strongly ot wiil go away, however I need to have an idea of what it is.

    God Bless

    Michael ( who is 47, 5 feet 9 inches and 14.5 stones)

  22. Hi Dr.Oz.My wife is 57yrs.old.Had gastric bypass,very sucessful.She is addicted to diet rite and diet coke,drinking 10 cups a day.She wants to quit,would appreciate your advice.We watch you on Opra,GMA,NBC. The diagrams and explainations are terrific.Sure hope to hear from you,Thanks Big Guy, Herschel Hisle

  23. I am an Indian working in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I have a question for Dr. Oz.

    I am 58 years old and menapaused at 50. I took HRT for 2 years and stopped because of fibroids. My lips are dry and need to use lip balm, cannot use lipstick, any make, get allergy. Also my mouth is always dry specially when I sleep and so have to sip water at night. My eyes itch often.

    Dr. Oz could you please help me? What vitamins should I take for my problem?

    I walk 5 times a week for 45" in the evenings and do yoga for 20 min in the morning. Also do Jal net and breathing exercises.

    Dr. Oz, please help me. I have your book "You staying young".

    Thanks and regards.

    Aninha Menezes

  24. Dear Mr. Oz,
    We hear that you are going to visit Turkey with Ms. Oprah. Since you will be so close to Cappadocia while in Konya, we would be delighted to host you and your guest in this surreal world at Cappadocia.
    We will be so happy to hear from you and see you in the magical lands of our region. We have some good healty food to taste here too....

    Kindest regards,
    Y. Murat Ozguc
    Travel Agent & President Skal International Kapadokya

  25. I have a white tongue and I can not get rid of it. I brush everyday and use a tongue scraper, but the white does not go away. Is there anything else I can do?

  26. Dr. Oz

    Been suffering from constant ringing in the ears for over 10 years. Is there any help for folks like me.
    Thank you so much.


  27. We are confused as to how much fish oil to take to lower our cholesterol numbers. We currently take a l700 mg concentrated fish oil capsule, with 880 mg omega-3 fatty acids per serving, two times a day. Is it safe to take this amount. It is Costco's Kirkland brand generic coated maximum strength. Mecury is undetectable and molecular distillation is used to remove pcb 's and dioxins.

  28. I was recently watching You On A Diet when Dr. Oz made a comment that young girls are not learning how to cook healthy foods and therefore raising fat children and that is the cause of obesity in children. Well Dr. Oz, I hate to tell you that most woman who are mothers are doing so much with working to support their families financially, doing the bills, cleaning the houses, caring for their children, plus attempting to maintain some level of self worth in today world of perfection for the outward appearance that you have alot of nerve to now blame obesity on young girls not learning how to cook well. Get out of the sixties and into the nineties and put blame where it is due. Sincerely, an overweight mother of two, full time educator, wife, house keeper, bill payer, friend, and volunteer.

  29. Avatar photo


    I'm not Dr. Oz. I'm just a fan of his presentation skills. Sorry!

  30. Hello Dr. Oz,
    Can you help me two questions I have not been theroughly checked. I am 45 yrs of age with a health history. First one it is intermittent monthly: I double over with acute stomach pain it can last a day or five days. I self medicate so that i can relax just enough to make it through. secondly: I get dialations on a monthly basis and I cannot move without medicating myslef I think it is dysmenorea? Can you share with me what I may need to check? I know you are busy and hope you can help. Thank You Kim

  31. Dr. Oz is on of rare people who made a great impact on me with one single presentation. He visited Morgan Stanley in May 2007 for Open Learning session. I've been able to view it via my company's internal webcast. Wow! He truly is intelligent, brilliant speaker with great sense of humor.

    I wish I could get this presentation to Youtube for broader public. He talks about very simple, yet very essential things could be done for our better health.

  32. Sorry, Amir. I don't have Dr. Oz's e-mail address.

  33. Dear Sir,
    I am from Iraq and i interest in Dr.Oz tips for health and i would like to contact him direct but i couldn't find his Email for purpose so i would like to ask your help if it's possible to give me his Email(professional or personal) and I am so thankful to read my message.

    Best regard,

    Amir Turkmenoglu

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