Greater Toronto Area Aquarium Hobbyist Registry

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Are you looking for someone to care for your aquariums while you're away? Are you willing to care for someone else's while they're out of town? This registry has been set up to facilitate just that. By adding your name to the map, other people willing to help you out (in exchange for the same help down the road) will be able to find you.

To get on the list, leave your GTA Aquarium Forum profile URL and the closest intersection to where you live. Please don't provide the exact address. Also describe what type of aquariums you keep (e.g. freshwater fish and plants) and what you're willing to take care of.

Note that this registry is limited to members of the GTA Aquarium Forum. For anyone using this registry, please do your due diligence before letting someone into your home. At the very least, the person should demonstrate some legitimacy with activity on the forum and ideally with some reviews from other members.

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