Time to Move to Firefox

I'm now advocating a switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox. I made the switch a month or so ago primarily because I was getting tired of the numerous security holes being found in Internet Explorer.

Firefox works a little differently than Internet Explorer. Rather than being distributed with all the bells and whistles, Firefox comes with just the basic features need to browse most web pages. Then, you have the option of going through a list of extensions (a.k.a. add-ons) and downloading the ones that suit your particular interests.

Here's a list of the extensions that I like:

Adblock - Gives you control over blocking ads. For the most part I let ads come through. It's pop-ups that I block with a vengeance.

Allow Right-Click - Nothing like having a site try to disable the right-click feature. This add-on disables the disabler.

Bookmark Backup - Backups are always good.

Googlebar - Simulates the Google Toolbar that Google distributes.

Close Tab on Double Click - Unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox gives you the option of opening tabs instead of new windows. Similar to how Excel works. This add-ons lets close a tab with a double mouse click.

CookieCuller - More control over which cookies you accept and reject.

Copy Plain Text - Stripes out HTML when you copy text from a web page. Handy for when you want to paste in to something like Word which would bring along the HTML codes.

Duplicate Tab - A quick way to open a new tab with the current page.

Linkification - Converts text links to clickable HTML links.

Print - Adds the print option to the context menu that appears when you right-click.

Single Window - Forces all new windows to go to tabs within a single browser window.

Tabbrowser Preferences - Gives you control over your tab preferences.

User Agent Switching - I don't use this one too much, but it can be handy for seeing how different sites behave when you pretend to be using a certain browser like Internet Explorer.

Here's a link to download Firefox. And here's the link to download the Firefox Extensions.

There is only one draw-back to using Firefox. You can't download Windows Updates with it. So in such cases, you'll need to launch Internet Explorer, get your updates, and then switch back to Firefox.

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