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UPDATE JUNE 26, 2008: Chris Bennett and I have exchanged a few notes on the 97th Floor blog. The good news is that Chris and his team will be releasing a new version of the Social Media for Firefox add-on. Not only will it work with Firefox 3.0, but it will support additional social networks. Check out Chri's post for details.I highly recommend you wait for this new "official" version rather than download my version. Doing so will save you the trouble of having to uninstall my version and re-install Chri's.

Back in 2007 the folks from 97th Floor released a promising Firefox add-on to help facilitate cross-submissions between social bookmarking sites. Unfortunately, development on this add-on stopped in October 2007 and it wasn't long before the add-on itself became non-functional.

I've taken it upon myself to fix the code and it is now back to being fully functional. By fixing the code and re-releasing this add-on I've probably stepped on some toes, but it was a shame to see a cool add-on lose its support. I've also made the necessary updates so this add-on will work with Firefox 3.0.

Once installed, the Social Media for Firefox add-on will show you the vote counts on other social bookmarking networks when you're viewing submissions on Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. Why would you want to see this information? Because you might be able to find a popular submission that is also a good candidate for submission elsewhere.

The only functionality I removed is some code related to tracking requests. This add-on now doesn't send any information to me or to the 97th Floor guys. However, I'm considering adding additional social bookmarking sites to the list. Mixx seems to be an up and comer. Any suggestions?

Social Media for Firefox

Download Option 1 -

You can download it here if you have a Mozilla account. Note: At the time of this writing, my add-on is in the Mozilla Sandbox and you'll need to be logged into your Mozilla account before downloading it.

Once you've downloaded the add-on, please consider rating it at Mozilla. I need just a few ratings to get it out of the sandbox so that a login won't be required. Thanks!

Download Option 2 - My Hosting Company

Or you can download it here from my crappy host which I can't configure correctly. The downside is that you'll need to save the add-on file and then drag-and-drop it into Firefox to trigger the install. Sometimes I hate computers :-)

Download Option 3 - From 97th Floor

The original creators of the Social Media for Firefox plugin have pledged continued to support. Their most recent update includes the necessary fixes to make this plugin compatible with Firefox 3.

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  1. great post

  2. Congratulations, that's a wonderful add-on! Thank you for fixing it and sharing it with us:)

  3. Marios Alexandrou

    @Glen Are you saying that you don't get the icons as I've shown them in the screenshot? Are you using automatic mode or manual?

  4. The status bar version works but it is not adding the links anywhere on digg / reddit etc...

  5. Mixx would be a great addition. I'd also like to see Sphinn, but that's more of a niche site. I used the old add-on and found it very useful. Thanks for your work getting the new version completed.

  6. Marios Alexandrou

    @Jason Not sure from which location you grabbed the add-on, but try grabbing it using Option 2. Download the file and then drag it into the browser window to install. Rather than try to figure out what may have happened, I just re-uploaded the install file.

  7. it won't install for me, says its not compatible with FF3

  8. Marios Alexandrou

    @Richard The Mozilla sandbox is not time driven. It's based on generating enough positive user reviews to encourage the Mozilla reviewers to agree to make the add-on public.

  9. Great tool, thanks. How long does it take to get out of the plugin sandbox?!

  10. Marios Alexandrou

    Firefox 3 support is in the works. I did some preliminary testing and it seems like the only issue is related to the HTML rendering of the boxes that appear on the various social network sites. Firefox 3 now supported!

  11. Great initiative, Marios! Any plans to make it Firefox 3 compatible? 😀

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