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ZoomInfo is the latest people finder search engine that I've come across. As with other such people finders, this one requires a fee to access advanced features, but the basic features are free for everyone to use. I don't find the advanced features of value, but I'm also not in the people-finding business.

Aside for searching for people, you can also claim your profile. This means that you take ownership for a entry in their database presumably with your name. To do this you'll need to verify your identity by having an e-mail sent to the domain that ZoomInfo has associated with your name.

I think claiming your profile makes sense so that you have control over what information it contains. There's no specific requirement that you fill in everything that ZoomInfo requests, but you might as well put in information that are already public e.g. anything already on your resume that you have posted on your website. Should ZoomInfo become a popular tool used by recruiters, employers, or just "regular" people, I can now rest assured that I'll have the ability to manage the information that is presented to these searchers. A consistent message goes along way in reassuring people. I'd recommend doing this for any other people finders that enter the market.

Here's the profile for Marios Alexandrou which includes info that I provided plus web references that ZoomInfo found.

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  1. Hey Marios, good article. I just started using the Zoominfo Powersell over the weekend to supplement my lead generation program. So far I like it, its easy to find vertical specific contacts. But I also noticed since the information is primarily collected through web crawls its limited in terms of the type of contacts with an organization. I noticed it has ample supply of higher management, sales, marcoms people. But it gets harder to dig depper to find R&D contacts. But thats just the nature of the beast. Since it web crawls, more PR facing contacts are captured. I am not sure what to think of its usefulness - I just started on this experiment, I am waiting to hear what my sales team has to say in a few weeks.

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