Moving Beyond Recruiters Tip #1

Enlisting the help of a recruiter to find contracts for you can be quite helpful. However, if you want to get an instant raise, find your own contracts. You can then bill the company at the same rate that a recruiter would bill, but you get to keep the 25% to 30% that the recruiter would normally be taking as their fee.

You can also use the recruiter's fee as a bargaining chip with the company. Just offer to split the difference with hiring manager. Depending on your hourly rate, this arrangement could easily save the hiring manager at least $10,000 a year.

Be warned that companies often have policies in place to keep you from working directly with them. If you are told that this is the case, offer to work through one of their preferred vendors. You'll have to pay a percentage of your rate to this vendor, but it should be much less than normal since you found the position. I worked at one large company that had such a setup. A bunch of my co-workers were working through this preferred vendor who I later found out was previously an employee.

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