Job Boards Can Be Useful

Many people think that applying to job postings on sites like Monster and HotJobs is a waste of time. I think this idea comes from having applied to many jobs and never getting an interview for any of them. Back when I used to use job boards, I had similar experiences. Even when a recruiter contacted me, it was never for the job I had applied for.

But after a while I realized that there was still good reason to respond to postings. Not for the job specifically, but to put yourself on a recruiter's radar. Once I realized this, I expanded my criteria to include jobs that I wasn't really interested in, but that I was still somewhat qualified for. This gave me a longer list of recruiters I could tap in to and hopefully impress with my resume.

In my opinion this tactic worked and rarely, if ever, ended up with me being in the awkward position of explaining why I applied for a job that I didn't really want. It also was a way for me to practice conversations with recruiters. I could try out different answers to the usual questions of why I'm looking for another position and how much I would like to be paid. It's a lot easier to do such things when you've got a lot of leads and aren't desperate for employment.

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