Interviewing Tip #1

Try to see the copy of the resume that the interviewer has brought to the interview. You'll notice sometimes that it is different than what you sent to the recruiter. Typically, the recruiter has added their company logo to the header. No big deal there.

More importantly, take note if your cover letter (if you included one) is part of the document. If it isn't, then either your cover letter was lacking or it just wasn't considered important enough to forward. Sometimes the recruiter's rate will be included on the resume too. This can be valuable knowledge when it comes to negotiating your own rate since you'll know how much the recruiter is getting.

One way to sneak your contact information to the interviewer is to offer them a copy of your resume. Not that you want to go around the recruiter. Good or bad, once you decide to work with a recruiter, you shouldn't attempt to go around them. You'll almost guarantee that job will go to someone else if you do.

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