SEO Services by Promodo

Recently I was checking out some SEO-related search terms such as SEO services. As I was scrolling through the list of results I saw this item at position 4 out of 37,500,000. That's pretty good and undoubtedly Promodo is actively targeting this term.

While I take exception to the implied by the top 10 placement promise, I do find this particular marketing tactic interesting. The first thing to note is that the description being shown in Google is the meta description rather than copy visible to the user elsewhere on the page. In addition, here is a company that has taken care to craft their meta description so that it gets to the point, lists prices, and is just the right length to fit nicely within Google's search results. And all those number signs make it stand out from the rest. Their efforts worked in my case as I noticed this listing before any of the others despite it not being in the top 3 positions.

The takeaway from this is that while it's generally accepted that the value of the meta description field has decreased from a ranking perspective, it's still important in turning a site's visibility in to actual clicks.

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  1. Marios Alexandrou

    Saney, What would be interesting to know is if you actually get more clicks than any of the listings above yours. There's some good fodder here for an eye-tracking study!

  2. Thank you Marios for the good reference :-). Btw.. before these changes we ussually get about 150 clicks/mo for this keyword. For ex. in this month - 352 (for the same position).

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