Make Easy Money with Google Book Review

It's Christmas-time again. For me that means many hours in airports, planes, and cars. The good thing is this year I prepared for all that sitting around by packing my WordPress blog on to a USB drive along with a long list of other portable applications. And because of this I'm now writing, for the first time ever, a blog entry while sitting in car.

OK. Enough with the preamble. This post is actually a mini-review of a book I read in the airport and on the plane. It's called Make Easy Money with Google by Eric Giguere. I'm a fan of Eric's blog [seems now be discontinued] so it seemed like a natural move to pick up his book. I figured that even if I didn't like it, I'd be supporting the efforts of someone that is otherwise providing valuable information free of charge. I wish I could say that about all the books I buy.

First off, the book is an easy read. This is a good thing since the goal is to learn something, not to expand your literary horizons. Eric has written his book as if you're playing the role of someone wanting to set up a website from which you wish to earn money via Google's AdSense program. In this story, Eric plays your good buddy down the street who stops by now and again to give you free consulting advice. And as with all good consultants, he does a good job of anticipating the questions you might have and then answers them.

Each chapter covers a particular area of setting up a website including the seemingly easy, but very important steps of picking a topic and a URL. He avoids, purposefully I believe, the questions of what technology is better and looks at the bigger picture like why you would want to have your own URL rather than piggy-back off of one of the many free website hosting services out there. You won't find discussions of WordPress vs. TypePad or Windows vs. Linux here. Just as well really as we've all heard those debates before.

So is this book for you? It depends. If you've had your first $100 month from Google AdSense, you've probably gone through all the steps that Eric has described although if you're like me, you probably took a more haphazard approach the first time around. However, if you're just now starting to think of creating a website of your own, I recommend the book. It'll help you get up and running while providing confirmation that what you're doing is correct. In addition, the book makes for a good response to friends that ask you for help repeating your success. Those that are truly interested will devour the book's information and thank you for pointing them in the right direction. Those that aren't serious will likely not bother reading it, but at least they won't end up wasting your time either!

When you're done with Eric's book, be sure to check out AdSense Secrets by Joel Comm for some inspiration on how to maximize the ad placement on your website.

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