Ignoring SEO a Bad Career Move

DMNews is reported (link no longer valid) that, "A decision not to pursue search engine optimization at FTD Group Inc. cost the multichannel floral marketer sales during the second quarter of fiscal year 2006."

FTD's senior management goes on to point the finger at their marketing division. "In anticipation of continued competitiveness in the online search environment and to better manage the consumer segment business going forward, we have made management changes within this segment including the replacement of our head of marketing."

Great, I say. If people don't perform, they should be fired. Businesses exist to make money. That's why they pay people salaries. What I'm curious about is whether expectations were too high. SEO is often thought of as a magic bullet that can revive an ailing online business. And while the increase to a site's traffic can be quite dramatic when going from not considering SEO at all to making it an integral part of day-to-day activities, there comes a time when you just can't squeeze any more out of the search engines. It could very well be that the FTD sites are at this level already in which case firing the head of marketing isn't the right thing to do.

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  1. The head of marketing didn't get fired, he had decided to leave for Encyclopedia Britannica long before Mike Soenen made his boneheaded move not to pursue SEO. This is a perfect example of how upper management at FTD is always pointing the finger in order to save their own asses. Truth be told, management at FTD is so inept, they are not capable of making a good business decision.

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