If Only Circuit City Had Asked Me...

So, CircuitCity.com, a massive website went down recently. All access (even to the robots.txt file) to the site is redirected to a single page that talks about the chain's closing of stores in the US. Of course, I couldn't help but think of better ways to make use of this domain instead of shutting it down.

  1. Arrange with a competitor such as Best Buy to redirect the traffic to them. This has got to be worth something, no?
  2. Replace every link on CircuitCity.com with affiliate links. True, this would be a great technical undertaking, but I?m sure some of the newly unemployed web developers would've pitched in their time for a cut.
  3. Keep the site as is but put up some ads (e.g. AdSense). Both CPM or CPC should work.

I suppose any money coming in would just go out to investors and lawyers so maybe this would all be moot...

I'd also like to use this post to mark the shuttering of the doors to learn what there is to learn from the disappearance of the site. At the moment, Google is reporting 1,170,000 indexed pages. There's a 302 redirect in place rather than a 301 redirect or even a 404 not found. I wonder how long before Google drops all of the content.

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