I Won't Be Buying XRumer 5.0

For those who haven't heard of it, XRumer is software that automates link building by submitting links to blogs and forums. As with most short cuts, XRumer was successful at one point, but I'm forced to question its value these days. Of course, I'm questioning its effectiveness without having ever used it, but I did receive this blog comment not too long ago…

XRumer Comment Flagged as Spam

There's just one problem. This comment was caught by Akismet and automatically flagged as spam. Hmmm…

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  1. Everyone needs an edge nowadays. Software like this comes and goes though. Some will make tons of money with it, some will buy it and not make a dime. I think in the end if you're going to use something like this you better have the knowledge and patience to learn the 'correct' way to use it.

  2. Brian fowler that is an unreal story. You are the first person I have every heard of the likes spam. I naturally have hated it, but got a kick out of your post. Now I want to try that out just for fun. Cracks me up. I used to do all of my link building manually and it was brutal. It sucked. But that was ok because I got paid an insane amount of money to do it. I just recently started using an automated tool, and I really, really like it. It actually provides good content and is not spammy so I dont even feel bad using it - I am still contributing and thats awesome. xrumer is a tool I just heard about today I imagine it kicks butt. I do wonder how steep that learning curve is. Also why do you need to know russian? I'll check it out some more.

  3. I used to use it long time ago, it brings traffic but very low quality traffic.. the only benefit is there are many dead forums that still get traffic. uses too much resource on the computer

  4. I do not own Xrumer, however I have benefited from being on the receiving end of its spam. I have several websites that I had trouble generating enough traffic to, even though they had page rank and page one listings for multiple terms on search engines. After installing forums on the back end of WordPress blogs and just letting them go without monitoring them for 2 to 3 months, The Xrumer spammers generated over 1 million pages of content on one site alone. That content was indexed with backlinks without any effort on my part. As far as I can tell, the benefit of Xrumer and similar software is the speed of which it can set up accounts and create or spin content, not only in the comment section, but as forum posts. It was either very bright marketers or the software that also created link wheels between the forums it posted to. All I know is one sight went from a value of a few hundred dollars to a value of $26,000 on Flippa over a 3 month period of letting the spammers have a field day on my forum. All I did was add adsense code to the forum and I never even made a post. In september, that blog/forum had over 1 million page views from people reading their spam and clicking on my ads. I love it, even if I don't own it. I hope a lot more people buy it and keep posting to the rest of my forums. People who visit my websites from the domain may never know there is a forum on a subdomain, but every page of the forum links to my home page and helps deliver traffic. I believe tools like this can have multiple benefits as long as everyone doesn't start doing the same thing. Also, with the popularity of forums worldwide and great language software, there may be some life left in these black hat tools.

  5. I can understand your thining and it really is a conundrum. We live in a day and age where automation is taking a front seat to every task we do. This isn't because it's better, but simply because everyone else is automating. Google can be blamed for putting so much weight on backlinks and unweighting content. No matter what the flavor of the month is, as far as search marketing, it will be exploited. For now backlinking is and automation will rule the serps. I myself haven't dropped the cash for xrumer however I do use postrobot and submiteaze, so I might as well to complete my trifecta. :P One sad by product of this is that the web is becoming a sloppy mess leading to bungloads of meaningless off topic results in serps. A shame...

  6. Here's the problem with automated software... On the one hand they are certainly spammy and one would do well not to use them. However, there are niches that all the top listings on google are run by people using them, making it almost necesary for regular folk to think about using them. It's a massive dilemma which is why I have never focused my attention too much on this type of marketing.

  7. Anonymous, FYI, Does it matter & Other xrumer guru's: I am very interested in purchasing xrumer. I have been doing a substantial amount of research but believe I am significantly behind the learning curve since there is no support. I am going to violate the cardinal rule and post my email address here because I would love to discuss some of my options with experienced users. I don't expect your valuable time for free, so let me know if you would be willing to chat and we'll negotiate compensation. thanks, hr ** at ** avintel ** dot ** com (I'm sure you can figure out that email address)

  8. I have the newest version 5.09 and will tell you the straight truth.. Is it worth the money? Answer, is yes of course. It is truly an awesome tool, but this is what I discovered. As mentioned the learning curve (function) is very difficult and why 50% of the people can't use it correctly because the instructions suck and there is ZERO support. Second, most people who finally do learn the program functions have ZERO strategy then cry about it. In my niche this tool affords me to walk around a lop heads off daily. Matter of fact, it not even funny anymore. In short, make it a hobby first to learn all aspects of the program and use. I'll trade strategy tips with others but don't waste my time asking questions on "how do I do " this function shit.

  9. Agreed, you could spend many more hours learning xrumer than physically going in and posting. The upside is that once it is set up you can add many more variations, set and forget. It really depends on the level of commitment to such marketing tactics one has I suppose. Plumber doing a heart transplant... gotta love that analogy!

  10. If you came to this post looking for advice on whether or not to buy xrumer, just notice one thing; the ONLY negative comments are coming from people that have NEVER used the product! That should tell you something... That's like a plumber giving his "opinion" on how a cardiologist should perform his next heart transplant. Worthless opinion obviously - just like the ignorant, non-informed comments above. I own it and it definately works (understatement) but it has a STEEP learning curve. If you are a noob and you don't know Russian you may want to think twice about buying it. The support is almost non-existent and anyone that has really unlocked the power of the program won't reveal a thing (why would they). So unless you have a Russian friend or coder, it will be a long road to using the prog to it's fullest potential.

  11. I am in and out of the idea to try tools like this all the time. I always sort of balance between automation and genuine SEO and every time I take on a task, do a little work and use a cool and logical head, the non spam way always wins,,, Every time... At this point I don't even know why I keep going back to searching for automation tools and attempting to find ways to not do the little work that I need to. But what I really wanted to contribute is this.. I have absolutely never approved a span, non contributing comment to any of my blogs, ever, ever... and I see no point in spamming with no intention to t least say something that makes sense. On the other hand, there are a bunch of blog owners who do not give credit to the commenter even when the comment really makes sense, so it is all a very unfair game in which most people seek fairness with no intention of giving the same in return.. which brings us to why most people are resorting to spam... so it is a futile circle,,

  12. If its any consolation I've talked to a few fellow marketers who swear by it.

  13. Came in looking for info on this tool and it seems its a 50/50 toss up on effectiveness. Dilema indeed since the thing costs over 500 bones.

  14. "does it matter" is spot on. Xrumer is still the best tool of its type by a country mile!

  15. I have to agree with "does it matter", the logic is solid. If you are adding posts to blogs and forums for the backlink then theres no difference. Spam is spam, on might be better written and a tad more respectful of the site, but it's all still spam. If you choose to grab backlinks from forums and blogs rather than persuing trades with like sites... then why not automate it. Just MHO, however I still "trade" the old fashioned way myself. One thing to ponder though... if this is my only post to this site (not just thread) but I really wanted to comment (so I did), should this still be considered spam? Considering this is wordpress and probably nofollows all comments, I guess you'd have to think not.

  16. Xrumer is still a very valuable automated posting tool. Only people who are not associated with it can question it's effectiveness. There are many ways to dynamically control tens of thousands of links to any given website, spread all throughout the web. I will not get into the tips and tricks here, but I can say that I have two servers running it 24/7. This program has a tremendous learning curve and little public knowledge about it. This is why people are claiming that it is dead, etc. Simply stated, they do not know how to use it. Xrumer alone will not get you into the top ten with search engines and will certainly get your site flagged if not used correctly. However by using the proper doorway system, you can steadily push your site up through the ranks, generate traffic and sales with the program. Everything works good in moderation and key to this program is in the list of urls that you feed into it. The reality is that there is over 10 million forums, guestbooks, blogs and comment sections on the web. Many of those are dormant and unmoderated. Finding them is one of the many keys. Also Askimet is garbage and cannot effectively defeat xrumer, especially when it isn't even taking a slice of the pie (10,000,000 opportunities). The key to posting links is doing it in a stealth mode where it goes unnoticed by mods and whomever else. The search engines do take notice of my tactics however! Oh and Web Designer in DC, spamming links is spamming links, no matter how you do it. If doing it all manually is what you like and you actually think that writing a perfect response makes it all better then more power to you. But, rather than surf the web like a monkey looking for link spots, I have gotten 89 successful link posts and private messaged hundreds of members in the time that it took me to type this message. Can you say the same? Dead? I think not... Look at my post ^^^^ I don't need the piddly link!

  17. Programs are beat. I would never keep a comment listed that didn't apply and or add something to the post, which simply isn't possible with a program. If you are going to use someone's site for a link, the least you can do is actually read their article." I simply can't agree more with you, its just very pitty to see how they try to sell the product, If it is so good, why don't they make a website with billions of backlinks and even rank top #1 for the word google ? I guess they're tool will be off market soon, so they are trying to get as much sales as possible.

    • You might - but millions don't. I make a about 4 web2.0 sites for weach keyword and spin one article to about 200+ article sites at PR2 or greater. I bookmark the lot (I have over 5000 BM accounts across the top 100 BM sites) then hoze the WEB2.0 sites and top rated article sites with literally tens of thousands of Xrumer links. Sure 60% get deleted in the first 90 days - but who cares when you post 120,000 a day? (4 servers running Xrumer 24/7) That's still 40,000 a day sticking. 4 Xrumer licences cost me $2160 total over four years ago. Article Marketing Robot cost me $90 and BM Demon $127 bucks. For the past two years my entire IM effort has cost me about 18 dollars a day to run (including Russian based server fees), I make that back every 9 minutes 20 seconds - 24 hours a day - All for about 1 hours effort a day. Computers bore me, IM people bore me, commenting on crap I have no interest bores me..so I don't do It. I go fishing, take a girlfriend to the cinema, have a meal in a nice restaurant or drive out to the country for the day. I spent most of the summer playing cricket and golf and took a four week break in Antigua followed by a week in Florida. I didn't do a seconds work in that month and still ended up with $17,000 more in my bank account after my holiday than I had before it - and I spent a LOT. Nice hotels, car hire, boat hire, restaurants, clubs, fishing trips, golf days, and a fortune on a couple of nice American women I met out there..the usual. You keep writing your comments on people's blogs though - like a good little puppy. I'll get 40,000 links that stick a day for diddly squat effort. Keep deleting my comments - I couldn't care a less, there are millions who dont delete them. Dave Hastings

  18. John I agree with you seems like a lot of people just don't want some people to get into the game.... you are correct it is a number game. I seen a comment about getting in trouble, I am not sure what type of trouble you can get in... please tell me what is against the law about using the software now it may be blackhat an unethical but most webmasters are in the gray area when they think they are whitehat. My two cents it still works....

  19. Hmmm If Xrumer is so bad why does one very well known traffic expert have 20 versions of it running on his servers. Off course some of these comments will get flagged as spam but its all a numbers game.

  20. I don't think Xrumer is any good these days. Similarly trackbackspider died a couple of years ago. Spam comments also harm the reputation of a website or company.

  21. We just got spammed today by someone asking/requesting Xrumer 5.0 Look, sure generating buzz and getting link backs is important to anyone doing business online. But you have to give value FIRST. Putting in that extra couple of minutes of thought behind a comment, like contributing piece of advice or a tip is the way to do it. The rest is just gimmicks with a diminishing rate of return, and like SEO Rabbitt says, eventually detrimental to you. I certainly mark spam into Askimet things that don't contribute to our posts. Get enough people hating your marketing efforts and your traffic is going just as fast as it went up.

  22. F*ing people who spam without even a remote chance of targeting forums that are their target market. Noobs.

  23. The software had its uses a long time ago but a lot of search engines are getting very wise to spammy comments and titles so i would stay clear now

  24. Automated link building is a sure way of getting your self in trouble. Do not do it.

  25. Automated link building seems like a total waste of time, money and energy to me. Sure it's tempting, but the search engines have this tactic in their radar on a constant basis, so you would always be fighting against multi-billion dollar organizations just to get some easy links. It seems that all automated link tools die out pretty quickly.

  26. Programs are beat. I would never keep a comment listed that didn't apply and or add something to the post, which simply isn't possible with a program. If you are going to use someone's site for a link, the least you can do is actually read their article.

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