Google Fails to Block ShoeMoney Ads

Jeremy Shoemaker of ShoeMoney fame recently wrote about his recent success with obtaining a trademark for ShoeMoney which in turn allowed him to eliminate AdWords ads that contained his trademark. Of course, I couldn't resist testing out just how thorough the AdWords system is with such things. And in 10 minutes I determined that using someone else's trademark is still doable.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Jeremy...

ShoeMoney Trademark

I'm actually surprised at this result. I spend most of my time doing SEO and only a small fraction of my time is spent on PPC efforts so I certainly don't know all of the ins and outs of AdWords. And yet it took only three simple experiments for me to find a way to get around Google's trademark protection.

I left a comment on ShoeMoney's site and this post presumably issued a trackback. Google Analytics is reporting that someone clicked through from the administration section of ShoeMoney's site to mine and yet my comment is gone and there is no sign of the trackback. I'm guessing my demonstration didn't go over well so rather than cause more grief I've gone ahead and killed the ad. If anyone wants to see the ad running (temporarily) again, it's a mere 10 cents a click :-)

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