Flash Intros Suck

According to InfoWorld, "Too many organizations unwittingly give their competitors a free kick by having Websites that are low on usability and high on annoyance."

Theresa Cunnington, senior usability consultant with services firm iFocus, reports that, "Users have a short fuse when they are browsing the Web. It doesn't matter how cool a Website looks, if users find it impractical they will head to your competitor's site, which is only a click away."

And my favorite part from the article: "Flash animations are an obvious, yet stellar, example of what users hate in a Website; the skip intro button is the most used button on the Internet." I suppose that means "click here" and "read more" have been bumped from the top spots.

"Users hate flash because it's a barrier to the site." Cunnington goes on to describe Flash as a classic example of Jurassic Park Design. Meaning that websites use Flash because they can rather than because they should.

InfoWorld lists a handful of other annoyances as part of the same article.

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  1. Not only are flash intros inaccessible, they are unnecessary. Many of the UK football clubs have flash intros on their sites, and it's one reason why I stopped visiting them. Simply because it annoys the hell out of me when I have to wait.

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