Cuil Is So New That Cuil Doesn't Know About It

If ever a hand edit was needed…

Cuil Doesn't Know About Cuil

And yet, Google seems to have noticed the is a worthy result for its SERPs.

Google Knows About Cuil

I think that's all the analysis needed, wouldn't you agree!?

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  1. Funny to see this... Cuil didn't impress many people. Though the database is huge, not showing proper results. And it is even confusing with the results in different rows and columns.

  2. Haha, that's pretty funny. I don't know how Cuil can claim they're the biggest search engine in the world. What do they mean by biggest? It seems like Google owns all the best awards for search engine.

  3. Cuil is asking itself some important questions -- where am I? Who am I? Unfortunately, Cuil the search engine is no where to be found. You'd think the engineers would at least make sure that there own site came up in the results, right? LOL.

  4. And yet, they had all the connections they needed to get all the publicity possible. *sighs* The MSM still won't learn how to actually analyze something rather than just be a PR organ. Good catch, Marios.

  5. That's actually pretty humorous... You would think that that's the first thing they would take care of. Apparently they did no relevancy testing before launching... not a smart move if you ask me.

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