SEO Consulting

To The Point

I provide enterprise-class SEO that is as good as what you'd get from any of the big-name agencies. I can say this with confidence because I've worked for those agencies for 10 years. My lower overhead means lower costs for you.

Why I'm The Right Choice

My experience matches what you'd get by hiring an SEO employed by an agency. I developed my skills at agencies, taught the next generation of SEOs how to succeed, and managed teams of SEO experts. Of the top agencies covered in the Forrester Wave: Search Marketing Agencies Q4 2012 report I've worked for two: 360i and Acronym Media. Previously, in the Q1 2011 Forrester Wave report, another agency I worked for, Rosetta Marketing, was profiled. I've seen first hand how they work.

I'm also a perfect partner for any other vendors you may be working with or with your internal marketing teams. Why? Because SEO is what I do and it's all that I do. I don't want your design, media, or PR budgets. As such, no one is threatened by my being part of the team because I'm not going to steal any of their work. It's not unreasonable for agencies to white-label me — I do the SEO work and they play point. I'll also let you in on a little secret. The big agencies often take on a company's SEO primarily to get their foot in the door so they can pitch for the much bigger work that comes with paid media. Again, I don't want any of that.

When I'm Not The Right Choice

If you want a full-service agency with a single point of contact, I'm not your best bet. SEO is the only game I play. If you want to feel like you've got a big team pampering you, I'm not your best bet. You'll have to give up an account manager asking you about the weather in your area, but in exchange I'll provide actionable recommendations to improve the performance of your web site.

SEO Services

Site Audit

Need to know how well (or how badly) your site is optimized? A site audit will provide that information. While it won't provide an overarching strategy, it will highlight the tactics applicable to your type of site which, if corrected, could have a measurable impact on performance.

SEO Campaign Audit

Have you been running an in-house SEO effort for several months and wondering if you've been missing something? Have you been using an agency you're not quite confident in? I can take a look at all of the recommendations you've received, combine them with a site audit, and give you an evaluation of work to date. You can take my feedback and hide my existence or I can jump on a call with your SEO folks to walk through findings.

Competitor Audit

Keeping an eye on competitors is important. The game of SEO is about outdoing competitors and not trying to trick search engines. Pick your competitors (or ask me to pick them) and then I'll do an audit of their SEO efforts. Such an analysis will give you a sense of how far behind you are along with a list of tactics you can adopt to close the gap.

On-Going Active SEO

If you've come to the conclusion that you need to more actively optimize your site to stay ahead of competitors, I can help.

On-Going Passive SEO

SEO gains can be made with one-off efforts, but SEO is a never-ending effort since your competitors aren't likely to stop. If you need someone to keep an eye on performance and competitors or to regularly evaluate your site changes, I can take that on.

SEO Training

If you have the time and interest to learn how to do search engine optimization (SEO), then the most efficient way to do so is with a structured SEO training program. There's a lot to learn, but even more frustrating for new entrants to the field is all of the useless information one needs to wade through. The SEO training that I can provide will cut through to the core of SEO and help you get up and running fast.

Previous experience with training sessions has shown me that the topic is too dense to cover in a single session. And to be honest, you're not going to achieve advanced level skills just from training. What SEO training will provide is a solid base of knowledge that can bring significant increases in web traffic from search results. This training is offered in two sessions: beginner and intermediate. Both sessions include segments tailored to address issues with your current website.


I prefer to work on a project basis and not on an hourly basis. Once you know what services you want, I can price them out whether that means a one-off or an on-going campaign. As such, I don't have a rate card to share. What I can say is that my costs are likely to be half what you're getting from big-name agencies. If you want, I'll even take the proposals you've received and provide my pricing for the same work.

How to Get Started

I'll be honest. I hate sales. You know what you want and you have a budget. I know what I can do and what it'll cost. Lets skip the dance and get to the point. If we can't come to an agreement, that's just business and we can both move on.

If you happen to be new to SEO and don't know what you want, no worries. A quick discussion should reveal to me what's the best first step. Typically that's a site audit possibly with a competitor audit both of which will help establish potential and the level of effort to achieve that potential.

Ready? Let's go.