Free SEO Advice

I like free things just like everybody else. However, offering free SEO advice can have the negative effect of devaluing one's skills and knowledge. Once you've set the precedent, the people you're working with may expect more free services or at best heavily discounted services. It's a never-ending spiral that I used to get sucked into back when I started out as an independent consultant.

Nowadays I know better than to offer much of my time for free. And where I used to feel guilty saying no to someone, I now understand that it's just business. The requester is simply trying to get the best price in the same way that I'm trying to make the most money. Saying no isn't insulting and any professional business person won't take it personally. Instead, they'll either move on or they'll show their true interest in your services and begin the negotiation process.

So if you want free SEO advice out of me, sorry but you won't get it. At best, I'll consider bartering (e.g. I sometimes need graphic design), but the chances of that are small so be warned.