Consulting Services

If you're looking for low-overhead, enterprise-class expertise, you've come to the right place. I'm not going to pretending I can do everything you need, but if you need SEO consulting or help with a WordPress site, there's a good chance I'm a better pick than most.

SEO Consulting and Training

I've been doing SEO for a over 10 years. My experience includes working on small sites and sites owned by companies in the S&P 500. I've been the sole person on SEO engagements and also managed teams of half a dozen SEO specialists. If you like process and structure, no problem — I've created these for agencies. If, instead, you just want to get recommendations implemented, that works too. All of my clients have seen year-over-year improvements and none have ever been hit with a Google penalty while under my watch.

To learn more, review my SEO consulting page.

WordPress Site Customization

WordPress is by far the best blogging platform. However, it has also become a great solution for certain types of sites especially those that are heavy on content. The plugin and theme architecture provides flexibility not seen in many other content management systems. Possibly most importantly of all, why pay for an expensive CMS which still needs to be heavily customized when you can start with a free one that allows you to dedicate resources to customizations?

To learn more, review my WordPress consulting page.

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