Crazy Quotes and Happenings in the Business World

Business Quotes

If you keep up with business news at all you've certainly shaken your head at the crazy things people say and do. I'm immortalizing such things here.

Meanwhile, IBM’s lawsuit against Johnson, first reported by InformationWeek, remains ongoing. The executive claims his noncompete deal with IBM is invalid, in part because he intentionally signed the agreement in the wrong place, according to court records. — I found this gem in an InformationWeek article

“The flavor of the day is buying your own debt at below face value. I’m buying bank debt in my deal with leverage from the bank that made me that deal.” — David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, in a recent issue of Fortune Magazine

Within the travel business the practice of keeping prices at a pre-set level is talked about openly and is called rate parity. The effect is that a customer might look at several websites and see the same prices advertised. And where there is very little variation in prices, a website can claim, truthfully, that its prices are the cheapest. — Online hotel deals broke law, says OFT by the BBC

We never go and ask the customer ‘what features do you want in the next product?’ It’s not the customer’s job to know. We accumulate that information ourselves. — CNN, Schiller, as part of testimony in Apple vs. Samsung

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