Housing Market Metaphor

I came across this image that struck me as being wonderful metaphor for the current housing market.

Home for Sale

Here's what this image says to me:

  • There are so many homes available for sale that even a slow moving snail could come across one.
  • Some home owners have been forced to walk away (I see this in the empty shell).
  • People that didn't jump into the housing frenzy (i.e. moved along slowly like a snail) are now being rewarded.
  • If you've got the resources, now may be a good time to upsize (the empty shell is bigger).
  • Even if you've moved like a snail up until now, consider investing in real estate. The deals will probably never be better.

Yeah, yeah I know. It's just supposed to be a funny picture, but hey I can't keep my brain from coming up with these thoughts :-)

Note: This photo came from one of Flickr's talented artists ukaaa.

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