ETF Historical Prices: Of Marginal Value

I have to admit that I can't resist checking out the history of any ETF that I buy. But my decision to buy an ETF is rarely influenced by historical prices. At most I may pick up some new shares during a dip if I also happen to need to do some rebalancing.

Why do I ignore historical prices? Because they're largely meaningless. Unless you're one of those technical traders that believes that a stock's chart has some hidden pattern in it, there's not much a chart has to offer. Don't believe me? Why do you suppose most investment advisors say that past performance doesn't necessarily indicate future performance. It isn't just to provide legal cover. It's because the statement is true.

So if you're looking for ETF historical prices check out my favorite charting site and have some fun. But don't let history play a big role in the decision of what to invest in today.

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